Frequently Asked Questions


Web Design

How long is my website designed for?

The time range for a winning web design project is often dictated by the client. If you have a deadline, we'll try to meet it for you. Typically, the delay for the design and completion of a new web page will have to wait about content (including text and images) from the clients.

Do we need to talk directly to design?

In the majority of cases are not necessary to meet directly each other, and most of our websites complete with the contact only through email and phone. We will set up the website design on the Internet in a private place, and our customers can view the content. During the design process, we are in regular contact with clients to discuss issues related to gaining on website design and function exactly like you want.

Should you do website?

Our answer of course is yes. You should make the website as soon as possible. For any business or individual business, they should have a website, because it helps to promote products or brands with low-cost and convenience (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Besides, the business network (via the website) also helps you achieve benefits such as the opportunities to expand the search for partners and customers, unlimited space and time. Therefore, the website has redefined the perspective and the marketing way of a lot of businesses, and it has become a business tool, which is indispensable for everyone.

What do the services after the design processes are provided?

URL Company always supports any website which we design, if you encounter any problems as a requirement for any change or upgrade website. We offer services like website maintenance, update and care for your website.

What are the formats of the text and the image, which are transferred to URL Company?

To save time as well as easy handling, you can provide text and photographs in electronic form - For example: Photos should be in *.jpg, *.png, *.gif... And the text should be in MS Word or similar format.

Does my website is friendly with Search Engines?

All websites are designed by URL Company are friendly with Search Engines. It is one of our top targets to exploit your website thoroughly from the search engines (,,,…). It will help your website is easier to do SEO; from that, it creates many advantages such as increasing traffic and sales…

Why do you choose URL’s services?

There are thousands of the web design companies are existing. In particular, the majority of advertisements on the Internet are trying to persuade you to book web design. You should choose the suitable web-design company that for your business purpose (you should not book web design, which is too low cost, because it will not guarantee about quality for you).
URL Company gives you the optimum solution with the most professional websites, and URL will also help you how to exploit and promote the efficiency of the best website.