SEO vs. SEO Web Design

There is a fundamental difference between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and SEO Web Design. Quite simply, SEO is defined as an ongoing process that should be continuously performed. SEO, however, entails SEO Web Design at the outset, which is the process of properly structuring and programming a website through a series of on page optimization techniques, and should always take place prior to the ongoing work such as landing page creation, link building (expertise), continuous code & content optimization, search engine submission, and other techniques which define the broader parent category of Search Engine Optimization.

The best analogy to describe the fundamental difference between the two is to imagine SEO Web Design as the process of engineering and building a very highly sophisticated boat, taking it to the dock, and setting it to sail in the ocean. On the other hand, ongoing SEO is equivalent to not only building the boat, but also staying on board to staff and captain the ship in the open waters of the sea.

Why would a company choose SEO Web Design alone instead of an ongoing SEO campaign? The simple answer is budget. SEO requires a higher level of commitment from both the client and the SEO Firm; therefore, the cost of such an undertaking is sometimes intimidating to prospective companies. It is for this reason that we also offer SEO Web Design as a standalone service, as its price is generally less than a third of an ongoing Search Engine Optimization campaign.

We have had great success with our SEO Web Design service.  Clients regularly see dramatic increases in their rankings.  When this occurs, they see the potential of ongoing SEO, and often desire improved rankings for a larger number of keywords. Once their website has been properly structured, it is easier for our SEO team to come back to the project and move the site forward in rankings.

Whether or not you need a captain for your voyage, we’ll point you in the right direction.  Contact us today.